How Does the Weather Affect Paper and Cardboard in Packaging

Have you ever seen how paper or cardboard may become brittle when exposed to moisture? Everyone has probably experienced receiving a cardboard box that has been in the rain or is really moist and barely holding together. The truth is that varied weather conditions may quickly damage and influence paper and cardboard boxes.

The weather quickly harms paper and cardboard boxes if not stored in a controlled atmosphere. Both the physical structure of the box and the adhesives used to keep it together are damaged when these cardboard custom mailer boxes are exposed to any unfavorable environment, such as one that promotes bacterial and fungal development. Ultimately, this will undermine the package itself and harm the quality of the goods.

Here is a quick overview of how weather conditions affect the paper and cardboard used in packing.

Boxes Can Get Damaged in Wet Weather

Paper and cardboard may expand and get moist in damp conditions. The same box should not be used to store your goods for an extended time. The cardboard in a box that has previously been wet will be more vulnerable to mold growth or other types of damage over time due to exposure to moisture.

In dry conditions, cardboard boxes can also become brittle. If this happens, you can no longer use this sort of packing since it will simply break at its weakest spots rather than remain intact as it now does.

Once they are returned in use, if a piece breaks off during transportation or storage, it won't function correctly. Their strength has been diminished by separating from one another frequently since people first began using them in prehistoric times.

Boxes Build Moisture in Humidity

High humidity causes internal moisture to build up in the cardboard, directly affecting the corrugated boxes' strength and reducing their durability. The wood fibers in cardboard cause it. This cardboard's inherent ability to absorb moisture when conducting transpiration is preserved even after chemical treatment during manufacture, causing it to absorb moisture at a rapid rate.

When packing, it is crucial to consider environmental elements in terms of relative humidity (RH) and cardboard stacking strength. The cardboard's stacking strength immediately falls to 80% of its initial value at almost 50% RH.

Boxes Interior is Affected by Direct Sunlight

In general, having packaging exposed to direct sunlight primarily affects the box's interior temperature and the colors that could be printed. In both situations, regular exposure to sunshine can cause the box's physical structure to deteriorate and the colors to fade. This process is referred to as ‘photodegradation’, which is more often caused by UV radiation in sunlight than by sunlight itself.

Some colors, especially organic ones, are more prone to photodegradation than others. A sustainable technique and organic colors are more ecologically friendly nowadays, but the drawback is that using just natural inks and dyes simplifies photodegradation.

The Takeaway!

The easiest way to keep your packing secure is to keep it somewhere where moisture or direct sunlight won't impact it. This implies that cardboard boxes should never be placed close to water sources and should always be kept out of the rain and snow. Cover any storage spaces that get wet during heavy downpours with plastic sheets or tarps to prevent them from absorbing too much moisture over time.

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