Packaging Box Samples.  cefBox provides multiple sample services.

Structural Sample/Digital printed Sample/Production Sample

Custom sized samples

Samples that are tailored to the size and material you're looking for.

 Prototype sample is ideal for testing the size and structure of your packaing

Prototype Sample


  • Blank, unprinted sample
  • Custom size and material
  • Prototype is ideal for verifying the compatibility of your box.
 Digital sample is printed by digital printer for visualize the outcome of your artworks before production

Digital Sample


  • Digital printed and cut sample without finishes.
  • Great similarity to the final outputs but not the same.
  • No finishes or add-ons.
  • Ideal for you to get a feeling beforehand.
 Production sample is produced  strictly on the  standard of final  production

Production Sample


  • Produced strictly on the standard of final production.
  • Same as the final exact outcomes with no limitations on print, finishes, and add-ons.

Print proof

A sheet of printout for verifying artworks and colors

Standard sample kits

Including 5 boxes printed with vary finishes. Ideal for getting a feel for cefBox.