What Is Aqueous Coating For Printing Packaging

Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based liquid that creates a protective layer when applied to printed surfaces. It is used extensively in commercial applications such as photographically printed materials and coated stock. Aqueous coatings can be either gloss or matte and offer abrasion resistance, enhanced appearance, or both.

Benefits of Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coatings offer several benefits for both commercial printers and end users. One benefit is that it enhances the appearance of printed materials. Aqueous-coated prints often have a deep, rich look that creates an impression of quality. This is especially important for marketing Collateral such as brochures and catalogs where first impressions matter.

Another benefit of aqueous coating is that it protects printed surfaces from fingerprints, smudging, and scuffing. This makes it ideal for items that will be handled frequently, like manuals and annual reports. And because aqueous coatings dry quickly, they do not slow production like other types of finishes, such as UV coating or varnish.

Besides, they are very cost-effective. You can use an aqueous coating on almost any material, including paper, plastic, or metal. It's even used for outdoor signage that needs to withstand exposure to the elements.

So all these benefits show that aqueous coating is best for printing packages. And it's not just for printing packages. The aqueous coating can also be used to protect any printed material. It's perfect for manuals and annual reports because they are often handled. This makes it ideal for items that will be handled frequently, like manuals and annual reports.

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Types of Aqueous Coating

Gloss Aqueous:

Gloss aqueous coatings are highly reflective and create a shiny surface on printed materials. They are typically used on items that will be displayed prominently, such as point-of-purchase displays or packaging inserts.

Dull/Matte Aqueous:

Dull or matte aqueous coatings have little or no reflectivity and create a non-glare finish on printed materials. They are commonly used on items that need to be easy to read, such as instructional manuals or educational materials.

Soft-Touch Aqueous:

Soft-touch aqueous coatings have a velvety feel that adds both luxury and durability to printed surfaces. They are often used on premium items such as high-end packaging or direct mail pieces.

Scuff Resistant Aqueous:

Scuff-resistant aqueous coatings help protect printed surfaces from wear and tear. They are commonly used on items that will be shipped or stored for long periods of time, such as magazines or posters.

Haze-Free Aqueous:

Haze-free aqueous coatings produce prints with exceptional clarity and vibrancy. They are perfect for photographs or other types of prints that need to make a big impact.

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