Shipping & customs

Express: 2-7 days /  Air: 7-21 days /  Sea: 20-60 days

Three Shipping Options

Global Express shipping

includes companies like FedEx, UPS, or DHL that usually handle small parcel shipments, and is strongly recommended for shipments weighing below 150kg;

Air freight

is a way of transporting goods by air, using both cargo and passenger airplanes, and is recommended for shipments weighing over 150kg and less than 300kg;

Ocean freight

is a way of transporting goods by ocean using shipping containers, and is best for shipments weighing more than 300kg.

What's the difference between them?

MethodTimelineRecommend Scenario
Express(DHL/FedEx) 2-7 days delivered globally
  • Small order(Below 150 kg is recommended)
  • Rush order
  • Strict deadline asked
Air Freight 7-21 days delivered globally
  • Medium order (Below 300kg is recommended)
  • Rush order
Ocean Freight 25-60 days delivered globally
  • Large order (Over 300kg is recommended)
Note: Typically, shipments weighing below 150 kg we use DHL by default.

Considering shipping rates of air freight and sea freight vary from day to day as conditions change, so most bulk orders aren't billed upfront for shipping. Instead, they are billed at the time of shipping after your order has been packed, weighed, and measured. By calculating costs in this way, we are able to achieve the lowest and most accurate freight shipping costs for you. However, freight estimates are always available upon request!

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