E-flute Corrugated Cardboard

E-flute corrugated cardboard is a popular type with a unique structure that offers several advantages over other types of cardboard. The "E" in E-flute stands for "microflute," which refers to the thin layer of fluting sandwiched between two flat sheets of paper. This fluting is what gives the E-flute its distinctive wave-like appearance.

The thickness of the E-flute is 1/16 inches, which makes it thinner than other types of corrugated cardboard, such as B-flute or C-flute. Despite its thinness, the E-flute is still solid and durable, making it ideal for various applications, including packaging, displays, and signage.

E-flute also has high crush resistance, which means it can withstand significant pressure without collapsing or deforming. This makes it an excellent choice for shipping fragile items or products that require extra protection during transit.

However, it's important to note that E-flute cardboard is typically brown, which may impact the vibrancy of printed colors. If your brand requires bright and vibrant hues, you may want to consider using a white liner to improve the color quality.

  • Thickness: 1/16 inch
  • Flutes Per Mater: 295 ± 13
  • Flutes Per Foot: 90 ± 4
E-flute corrugated cardboard