F-flute corrugated cardboard

F-flute corrugated cardboard is a popular packaging material used in various industries. It consists of three layers of paper: an outer liner, an inner liner, and a core layer sandwiched with waved paper material. This structure makes F-flute cardboard solid and durable.

Compared to other types of corrugated cardboard, the F-flute is thinner, measuring approximately 0.8mm in thickness. However, its higher density of flutes makes it more resilient than it may seem. Its cushioning performance is not as good as other types of corrugated cardboard, such as E-flute, B-flute, and 5-layer duplex cardboard.

F-flute has exceptional printing performance. Its smooth and sleek surface enhances the appearance of printed graphics and text, making it ideal for retail and point-of-purchase displays.

F-flute is commonly used for folding product packaging, especially for small and lightweight items such as cosmetics, electronics, and toys. It is unsuitable for shipping large or heavy products due to its limited cushioning performance. However, it can be used as an inner packaging material to provide additional product protection during transit. It is also used for packaging inserts or dividers.

F-flute corrugated cardboard can be produced in different colors, such as white, black, and other shades, depending on the color of the materials used. These colored F-flute corrugated cardboards are often used in cosmetic packaging because their visual impact is prioritized.

In addition, F-flute corrugated cardboard is also environmentally friendly, as the commonly used brown F-flute contains at least 50% recycled materials and can be recycled again after use. The colored F-flute has fewer recycled materials, but most are also recyclable.

Overall, F-flute corrugated cardboard is a versatile, durable packaging material with excellent printing performance and aesthetic appeal. Its sleek surface and unique flute density make it ideal for retail packaging and displays.

Thickness: 1/32 inch
Flutes Per Foot: 125+/-4 flutes
 F-flute corrugated cardboard