Digital Sample

Perfect for you to get a holistic feeling for the future outcomes of bulk production.


Digital Samples are printed via digital printer without any added finishes. Perfect for you to get a real physical feeling of the outcome of your artwork directly on your packaging.

What's the difference by comparing to the come outs of the bulk production?

print Printed by digital printer. A cost efficient way to get a holistic feeling for the box. (white ink or Pantone color unsupported)
material Same as the bulk production
size Being identical to the drawings
addons Addons ignored (e.g. foil stamping, embossing)
finishes Finishes ignored
Note:  The digital sample printing quality isn't as crisp/sharp compared with the outcome from actual print facilities used in production. In addition, these samples might be harder to fold and some small creases/tears in the paper might be perceived.