Production Sample

Ideal way to get an exact outcome of the future bulk production beforehand for releasing all concerns you might have.


Production sample is equivalent to going into a production run for 1 unit of packaging, all details will be exact same as the outcomes of future bulk production. So it is a cost consuming way. However, Production sample is the ideal choice if you need to see the exact outcome of your packaging before bulk production.

What's the difference by comparing to the come outs of the bulk production?

print Printed by Heidelberg 5c huge printer. All processes strictly comply with the standard of bulk production.
material Same as the bulk production
size Same as the bulk production
addons Same as the bulk production
finishes Same as the bulk production
Note:  The minor derivation of color between sample and final outcomes might be still existing caused by constraints of current printing technology, however the consistency will be very close over 95%.