Why Are Counter Display Boxes Essential for Your Checkout Area

A study by POPAI indicates that 76% of purchase decisions are made in-store, suggesting that counter display boxes placed at the point of purchase can significantly influence buying behavior. These display solutions contribute to revenue growth through incremental sales, bolster brand visibility, and offer versatile presentation options across various industries—cosmetics and promotional items. To unlock the full potential of counter display boxes in enhancing your retail strategy and boosting sales, delve into the comprehensive insights provided in the article. Read on to optimize your checkout area and elevate your brand's presence.

Counter displays are crucial in influencing consumer behavior at the point of sale. Here’s how they contribute to increased sales:

1. Boost Sales with Impulse Purchases

Impulse Buys: Counter displays are strategically placed near checkout counters. They showcase items like candy, gum, magazines, or accessories. Research shows that around 87% of US shoppers make impulse purchases at the checkout counter.

Boredom and Waiting Time: Customers can engage with nearby products in line at the checkout. Limited time can lead to rash decisions, resulting in impulse buys (like candy or magazines).

Spotlight on New Arrivals and Seasonal Offerings: Counter displays showcase new products, whether trendy accessories or seasonal items. These displays create curiosity and encourage sales. For example, a winter-themed display with cozy scarves and gloves can prompt purchases before the season ends.


Imagine a customer named Sarah waiting in line at the checkout counter. She notices the winter-themed display showcasing a cozy scarf, a pair of stylish gloves, and a snowflake-shaped necklace. The attractive display and the limited-time promotion catch her eye, and she adds the scarf and gloves to her purchase. As she continued to browse, she also spotted a bundled offer for a "Winter Warm-Up Kit," including the scarf, gloves, and a mug with hot cocoa mix at a special price. Intrigued by the bundled offer and enticed by the seasonal theme, Sarah decides to purchase the kit as a gift for her. 

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2. Contribution to Increased Sales and Revenue

Counter display boxes contribute to overall sales and revenue growth:

  • Incremental Sales: Impulse purchases driven by these displays add to the total sales revenue. Even if the individual items are low-cost, their cumulative effect is significant.
  • Brand Exposure: Well-designed display boxes reinforcebrand identity and create a positive impression. Customers may remember the brand and return for future purchases.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities: Retailers can encourage cross-selling and upselling by placing related products together (e.g., snacks near beverages).


Imagine a customer walking into a convenience store looking for a quick snack. As they approach the checkout counter, they notice a counter display box filled with individually wrapped chocolates next to a display of premium bottled coffees. Initially intending to buy just a coffee, the customer is tempted by the conveniently placed chocolates and decides to add a couple to their purchase. The retailer has successfully utilized the counter display boxes to cross-sell related products in this scenario. The impulse purchase of chocolates increases the average transaction value and enhances the store's overall sales and revenue.

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3. Optimizing Product Placement

Certain things affect what we buy, like where products are, how they look, and what we think they're worth. When it comes to putting products in display boxes near the checkout, retailers can use these tricks:

  • Strategic Grouping: Putting similar things together in display boxes can make people more likely to buy them together. For example, if you put snacks and drinks together by the checkout, customers might decide to get both.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Changing the heights of products or arranging them in a certain way can make some items stand out more. Putting expensive or unique products where people look first can make them more likely to buy them. Research conducted by the NCBI shows the effectiveness of optimal product placement. 
  • Limited Time Offers: Having deals that only last for a short time can make people feel they need to buy something quickly. Putting signs or packaging that say "limited time" on these offers can make people want to buy them before they're gone. 


Imagine a strategically placed display box near a grocery store checkout counter featuring premium organic snacks highlighted with special lighting and "Limited Time Offer" signs. Surrounding these are grouped complementary items like organic beverages and gourmet chocolates. This combination of visual hierarchy, strategic grouping, and time-sensitive promotions entices customers to wait to check. The premium placement and compelling presentation drive impulse purchases, boosting sales and revenue for the retailer.

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4. Enhancing Brand Visibility

Brand recognition is crucial at the checkout, where shoppers make quick decisions. Having a strong brand presence can influence purchases and build loyalty. Counter display boxes are vital for reinforcing brand identity and increasing visibility.

To boost brand visibility, keep your counter display boxes consistent with your brand's colors, logos, and messages. According to Market Splash, using a brand color can make people remember your brand much better by a whopping 80%! Aligning them with your overall brand style creates a memorable shopping experience. Whether custom packaging or branded inserts, every detail should reflect your brand's identity.



At a cosmetics store checkout counter, a display box showcases a new skincare line with the brand's signature colors, logo, and consistent messaging. This cohesive branding immediately captures the customer's attention, reinforcing trust and familiarity. As customers wait, the strategically designed counter display promotes the new skincare products and strengthens their connection with the brand. This adequate brand visibility at the checkout counter enhances brand recognition, fosters loyalty, and drives increased sales for the store.

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Versatility for Different Product Types

Counter display boxes are versatile tools for showcasing products across industries. From cosmetics and jewelry to candies and promotional items, they offer adaptable solutions for product presentation.

  • Cosmetics: These boxes effectively display makeup, skincare, and beauty accessories.
  • Jewelry: They provide secure and stylish displays for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Candies and Confectionery: Ideal for showcasing sweets and chocolates, attracting impulse purchases.
  • Promotional Items: Customizable for pens, keychains, and t-shirts, promoting branding effectively.


Imagine a counter display box in a boutique store specializing in handmade jewelry. The box features velvet-lined compartments that securely hold and showcase delicate necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The transparent lid of the box allows customers to admire the intricate details of each piece while protecting them from dust and damage. The elegant design of the counter display box not only enhances the presentation of the jewelry but also adds a touch of sophistication to the store's ambiance. This versatile display solution effectively highlights the boutique's unique jewelry collection, enticing customers to purchase and boosting sales for the store.

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6. Environmental Sustainability

Counter display boxes help the environment, especially from eco-friendly materials like cardboard, corrugated material, and paperboard. These materials can be renewed, broken down naturally, and recycled, so stores that care about the Earth like using them.

For example, cardboard boxes are strong and flexible, made from trees that grow back, and can be recycled many times without falling apart. Corrugated boxes are rigid and made from recycled stuff; you can recycle them again when you're done. Paperboard boxes are another excellent choice, made from wood pulp that grows back and can be recycled easily.


Consider a grocery store opting for counter display boxes made from recycled corrugated material to showcase organic produce or sustainable food products. The store's commitment to eco-friendly packaging resonates with environmentally conscious shoppers, reinforcing the brand's values and encouraging more sustainable consumer behavior. Additionally, corrugated boxes' durable and recyclable nature ensures they can be reused or repurposed multiple times, further reducing the environmental impact. By choosing eco-friendly counter display boxes, the grocery store contributes to ecological conservation and strengthens its brand image as a socially responsible retailer.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, counter display boxes are pivotal assets in modern retail, crucial for driving impulse purchases, amplifying sales, and reinforcing brand visibility. Cefbox, a leading provider of retail packaging solutions, offers innovative and versatile display options that cater to diverse industry needs. Their commitment to quality and sustainability further accentuates the value of these strategic tools in optimizing checkout areas and fostering brand loyalty. Embracing Cefbox's solutions can revolutionize your retail strategy, enhancing customer experience while promoting sustainable business practices.

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