Blind Debossing

BBlind debossing is a process similar to blind embossing, but instead of raising the design, it creates a recessed impression.

Why use it

  • 3 dimensional design effects
  • Ideal for enhancing logos, texts or designs
Debossing effects


Blind debossing is a prevalent and artful technique used to create a recessed design effect on paperboard. This method entails pressing dies onto the board without using ink, resulting in highlighted and shadowed areas that define logos, texts, and images. Blind embossing is a subtle, yet highly effective way to draw attention to significant elements of your packaging design and make them truly stand out. It is a popular choice for those seeking to create a sophisticated, elegant appearance for their packaging.


 embossing printing

Press Types

 clampshell presser

Clamshell Press

Derived from the similarity of an opening and closing clamshell, paper is placed between dies to create an emboss/deboss effect.

 straight stamp die presser

Straight stamp press

Like a stamp, single sheets of paper are fed between dies and are imprinted to create an emboss/deboss effect.