Custom Cardboard Display Boxes

More durable, More bright colors. But less costs to show off your brand.

Display boxes made of cardboard are an excellent way to make your product displays more effective. These boxes protect the items inside and give them an attractive appearance. They are compact, easy to store, and can grab attention in checkout areas, counters, or customers' shelves. This is due to their additional advertising space and packaged products.

Our fully customizable stunning cardboard display boxes significantly set you apart from competitors and attract customers' attention. They highlight your brand to attract new customers and increase its exposure. Present your brand in the best possible way at the point of purchase and leave a long-lasting impression on every customer.

At CEF Box, we provide everything you need to create impactful display boxes with little to no hassle.
  • 10 days express production
  • Fully customizable on your needs
  • Full surface printable
Paperboard/Kraft/Corrugation10 days Express ProductionBoth sides printable
display box with side tuck
display box with beveled sides show
display box with dust flaps show
display box with beveled sides show 02
display box with dust flaps show 02
display box show
display box with beveled sides 01
display box with dust flaps 05
display box side tuck
corrugated cardboard display boxes
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