Custom Folding Carton Packaging

Showing off personalities of your brand, the sky is the limit.

To achieve successful sales, it is crucial to have an attractive packaging for your product. The packaging box must look and feel correct to win over the customer, even before they hold the product.

Folding carton packaging create a high-quality impression that will grab attention at the point of sale. And that's not all our versatile folding packaging boxes can do! They come in customized formats according to your needs, offer individual, full-surface, and double-sided printing, as well as many finishing possibilities, and are made of fully recyclable materials.

Our individual white and printed patterns can inspire you to make your packaging boxes more unique and appealing.

  • Full surfaces printable
  • No minimum order required
  • Recyclable materials
  • Multiple finishing options available
10 days express productionFull surface printableMultiple finishing options
folding kraft corrugated gable box
folding box show
folding box with foiling
folding box with gold stamping
folding box with kraft corrugated
folding box with matte finish
folding box with pantone color printing
folding box with window patching
folding box with 5 colors printing

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