Custom Packaging Sleeves

A cost-efficient way to elevate the branding of your products.

Packaging sleeves, also known as box sleeves or belly band packaging, are a cost-efficient way to elevate the branding of your products. They are usually made of paperboard or corrugated cardboard and wrap around your product to hold it securely while sharing information about the product.

Custom-printed packaging sleeves can be used for any product shape or dimension, from bottled beverages to chocolate bars, pastries, and even rolled t-shirts.

Packaging sleeves are a versatile marketing tool that can be customized with seasonal designs to promote unique offerings or to introduce new products.

  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple finishing options available
  • Recyclable material
  • No minimum order required
SBS/Kraft/Corrugation8 days Express ProductionBoth sides printable
c2s 350gsm packaging sleeves
box sleeves
kraft packaging sleeves
packaging sleeves wrapping socks
packaging sleeves with die cutting window
packaging sleeve wrapping takeout box
packaging wrapper with UV printed
packaging sleeves with adhesive strip
packaging sleeves with glossy finish
packaging sleeves with 4c printing
kraft packaging sleeves
paperboard packaging sleeves
packaging sleeves
coffee cup packaging sleeves
cardboard packaging sleeves

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