Custom Packaging Inserts

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Packaging inserts refer to any items included in a product's packaging, except for the product itself. These items are placed inside the packaging box and serve multiple purposes. They offer additional protection to the product and help to organize different shapes and sizes neatly. Additionally, they can be used for promotional purposes, such as thank-you cards, discount cards, and instructions.

Packaging inserts can be made from various materials, including paperboard, corrugated cardboard, foam, or molded pulp. At CEF Box, each insert can be fully customized to unlock endless possibilities for the inside of your box.

You don't need to hire an in-house packaging engineer or purchase expensive equipment to create effective packaging inserts. Our structural design service for inserts can help bring your packaging vision to life.
  • Recyclable material
  • Structural design service
  • 3D mockup
  • Prototype verifying.
Paperboard/Corrugation/Molded pulp10 days Express Production
mailer box with molded pulp inserts
packaging dividers apply to mailer box
corrugated cardboard packaging inserts
mailer box with packaging inserts
eva packaging inserts
epe foam die cutting packaging inserts
molded packaging inserts grey color
molded pulp packaging inserts
molded pulp packaging inserts take up box
molded pulp packaging inserts
pu foam packaging inserts
paperboard packaging inserts
paperboard die cutting packaging sleeves assembled in mailer box
paperboard die cut packaging inserts
one piece folding paperboard inserts
one piece folding corrugated cardboard inserts
molded pulp packaging inserts backing

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