Soft Touch Coating

Soft Touch Coating can give packaging a luxurious, velvety finish, enhancing its overall appearance.

Why use it

  • Smooth, matte finish
  • Common with luxury products
  • Typically applied inline which can make manufacturing costs lower than adding a secondary operation.

Why not use it

  • Fingerprints show up easily when soft touch is applied on dark colors.
  • Can dull colors (especially darker colors) and make images appear flatter.
  • Scratches easily.
soft touch coating effects


The soft touch coating is a premium surface treatment that imparts a plush, understated texture to packaging, elevating its aesthetic appeal. This finish has the power to elevate a product's perceived value and exude an air of exclusivity that aligns with luxury brand narratives. Its sophisticated appearance has rendered it a popular choice for high-end merchandise, including automotive and cosmetics packaging. To ensure optimal color retention, it is advisable to use high-gloss paper when applying this coating.