Spot Gloss UV Coating

Spot Gloss UV coating is often applied to specific areas of printed materials to enhance their aesthetic appeal, such as accentuating certain texts or designs. This technique is commonly used in packaging design to create high-impact visuals on the shelf.

Why use it

  • Enhances color quality
  • Creates shelf impact
  • Ideal for highlighting logos and images

Why not use it

  • Requires more energy to dry than aqueous coatings.
  • Resists additional imprinting (i.e. writing with pen or pencil).
  • More expensive than aqueous coatings.
  • Can crack more easily when scored or folded (since the coating is thicker/harder).
  • Oil-based ink.
  • Can emit an unpleasant smell, but low odor options are available.
spot uv effects


Spot Gloss UV coatings are applied to specific areas such as brand names, logos, and other essential information on packaging to enhance the overall design. These coatings are cured using ultraviolet light, creating a high gloss solid shine layer that is an excellent way to tell a compelling brand story through packaging that immediately grabs the customers' attention.