UV Coating

UV coatings cure quickly with ultraviolet radiation to create a solid protective layer over prints, providing durable glossy or matte finishes for packaging.

Why use it

  • Protects packaging from scuffs and scratches
  • Higher gloss options than aqueous or varnish
  • Ink rub resistance
  • No pollution-causing solvents emitted in process.

Why not use it

  • Requires more energy to dry than aqueous coatings.
  • Resists additional imprinting (i.e. writing with pen or pencil).
  • More expensive than aqueous coatings.
  • Can crack more easily when scored or folded (since the coating is thicker/harder).
  • Oil-based ink.
  • Can emit an unpleasant smell, but low odor options are available.
UV coating effects


UV coatings cured with ultraviolet radiation are known for producing a robust and long-lasting surface. This surface can present itself in either a glossy or matte finish and is widely utilized to safeguard, enhance, and elevate the printing quality. Glossy UV coatings are a preferred option for premium and retail packaging as they can intensify and enrich artwork designs. This, in turn, elevates the visual appeal of your packaging, causing it to stand out on the shelf and attract the interest of potential customers.