UV Print

UV print is a form of direct-to-object printing that uses piezoelectric inkjet technology, which is the same technology used in digital inkjet printers. This printing technique is widely used in the retail and luxury packaging industry due to its ability to leave packaging with a glossy, high-quality finish that adds value to the products.

Why use it

  • Fast production with instant ink curing
  • the capability to print directly on a wide range of materials
  • and the ability to print 3D textures, effects and gloss highlights
  • Less significant cost savings with higher quantities
  • No minimum order required
  • No extra tooling required

Why not use it

  • Resists additional imprinting (i.e. writing with pen or pencil).
  • More expensive than aqueous coatings.
  • Can crack more easily when scored or folded (since the coating is thicker/harder).
  • Oil-based ink.
  • Can emit an unpleasant smell, but low odor options are available.


UV printing is a technique similar to digital printing. However it uses ultraviolet light to cure inks on the surface of the packaging, which results in a smooth finish. This method is ideal for other speciality processes like spot UV printing, foil stamping, and more.