Window Patching

A shape is cut out of the packaging and a plastic film is applied to create a window for your products. Window patching creates suspense for the products it holds, making it ideal across industries.

Why use it

  • Present products without the need to open the packaging
  • Suitable for product packaging
window patching


Window patching entails showing your customers a preview of your products to grab their attention. The process is cutting a shape out of the front of your packaging and adding a thin plastic layer to create a view window. This method is widely used across various industries, as it allows customers to see what they're buying. In short, window patching is the most effective way to display your products.

Window Patching Film Material

 PET matieral

Polyethylene Film

PET film is a transparent thermoplastic made from recycled materials. It has excellent printability and finishing capabilities, high tensile strength, dimensional stability, and low moisture absorption.

 PP material

Polypropylene Film

Polypropylene can be produced in a heavyweight plastic film or rigid form, achieving 100% clarity.