Custom Shipping Boxes

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Shipping boxes are essential in online retail to ensure that products are delivered without damage or functionality issues. Custom printing shipping boxes also provide an excellent opportunity to enhance brand awareness. CEF Box offers durable, sturdy shipping boxes that keep products safe and attractive during transit and storage.

Our fully customizable shipping boxes are made of high-quality materials to ensure that products remain in top condition during shipment. They are constructed with impact-resistant corrugated cardboard, ideal for heavy loads of up to 30 lbs. The thick, fluted cardboard absorbs impact, reducing scratches and dents that might otherwise damage items.

We prioritize sustainability and offer eco-friendly alternatives to other packaging materials. Our corrugated cardboard is sustainably sourced and at least 95% recyclable, minimizing your business's environmental impact. Choose CEF Box for the best possible solution to deliver your products to customers, regardless of location safely.

  • The entire surface can be printed on.
  • Fully customizable sizes to meet your requirements
  • E-flute, B-flute, and EB duplex flutes are available.
E-flute/EB-Flute8 days Express ProductionBoth sides printable
rsc corrugated cardboard boxes
rsc shipping box
shipping box with tear stripe
shipping boxes full flap overlap 1668x1668
shipping boxes inner plain kraft outer 4c printed 1668x1668
shipping boxes inner plain kraft outer printed 1668x1668
shipping boxes inner plain white outer printed 1668x1668

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