Cold Foil Printing

Cold foil stamping is a more convenient and cost-effective version of hot foil stamping. This process involves using a standard printing plate to apply UV curable adhesive on the specific area where the foil will be placed. Cold foil stamping is ideal for decorating brand logos, designs, and text. It is a time-efficient method that produces high-quality results.

Why use it

  • Time and cost effect
  • UV curable
  • Slight debossing effects
  • Suitable to materials that are sensitive to heat processing, such as plastic film
  • An alternative for thinner materials that can not withstand pressure is needed.

Why not use it

  • It tends to have a little more matte appearance without shimmering effects like hot foil stamping
cold foil effects


Contemporary packaging, cards, and brochures often feature metallic prints created through the cost-effective and highly time-efficient technique of cold foil stamping. This method involves printing a UV-curable adhesive onto designated areas of your design, then pressing a thin layer of foil onto the adhesive and curing it, resulting in a matte metallic finish. This finish offers ample opportunities for unique branding design.

Cold Foil Process

cold foil process

Cold Foil vs Hot Foil

Hot Foil Stamping

  • Accurate results
  • Wide range of foil colors available
  • Available in a shiny, matte and holographic metallic finish

Cold Foil Printing

  • Cost effective
  • Time efficient
  • Available in a matte metallic finish
  • An alternative is needed for materials that are sensitive to heat processing or pressure.