Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping is a process of applying foils onto a surface by using heat and pressure. This technique is commonly utilized in high-quality and beauty packaging to achieve a desired visual effect, which can greatly enhance your brand identity. The foils used in hot foil stamping can vary from solid colors to holographic or metallic finishes.

Why use it

  • Solid colors to holographic or metallic finishes
  • Applied to brand logos or artwork designs

Why not use it

  • Can not apply to materials sensitive to heat processing such as plastic film
  • Can not apply to thinner materials that can not withstand pressure
  • Higher cost than cold foil printing.
Hot Foil Stamping


Hot foil stamping is a highly favored method of incorporating metallic decor into packaging designs. It's a striking technique that can imbue even the most ordinary of packaging with an air of refinement. This approach is often employed to elevate brand logos, text, and artwork, and is particularly popular in industries specializing in luxury goods and cosmetics. By incorporating details like foil stamping, businesses can potentially enhance sales and entice a whole new clientele, thus making it an investment worth considering.

Foil Stamping Material

 metallic foil

Metallic foil

PET film coated with a thin aluminum metalized color. A range of color tones are available.

 pigment foil

Pigment Foil

A PET film that coated with compounded acrylic resin in a variety of colors.

 holographic foil

Holographic foil

Spectral coloring will change as you view the grooves at different positions and from different angles.

Cold Foil vs Hot Foil

Hot Foil Stamping

  • Accurate results
  • Wide range of foil colors available
  • Available in a shiny, matte and holographic metallic finish

Cold Foil Printing

  • Cost effective
  • Time efficient
  • Available in a matte metallic finish


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