Mailer Boxes

Rigid structure mailer boxes made from corrugated cardboard are the most commonly used for eCommerce brands and shipping that protects products during shipping and ensure the safe transfer of product.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated ear lock mailers, mailer boxes

Ear Lock Mailers

This type is the most popular mailer and subscription box for its durability, ease of assembly, safety, and customization.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated mailing boxes with tear strip

With tear strip

The box has an adhesive and tear strip for easy sealing and opening.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated mailing boxes without wings

Without wings

These boxes include only the ear locks without dust flaps.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated mailing boxes without dust flaps

No Dust Flaps

The boxes do not have dust flaps or ear-locks; instead, the lid is tucked inside to close them. This style is commonly used for literature mailer boxes.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated one piece folder Mailers

One-piece Folder

The box is narrow and sturdy, making them the ideal choice for mailing 3-ring binders or presentation materials.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated book mailers

Book Mailers

The box is a type of packaging designed for mailing flat items such as books, presentations, artwork, literature and similar items.

Mockup of custom printing corrugated swing in rollover type mailer boxes

Swing-in Rollover without Dust Flaps

This type of mailer box has a unique construction that forms a double-layer box bottom and self-locking mechanisms, ensuring secure delivery without adhesive, thus enabling optimal product integrity.

Mockup of custom printing mailing wrap with buckle

Wrap Mailer with Buckle

The box is constructed similarly to the "one-piece-of-folder" box, but it has an extra tab lock.

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard mailer boxes with buckle

With Buckle

The box has a construction similar to the no-flaps type box. Still, it has an additional catalog locking mechanism involving matching slots and tabs that can be interlocked to secure a package.

Mockup of custom mailing wrap without dust flaps

Wrapper without Dust Flaps

The box has a unique secure locking mechanism & is durable during transit.

Mockup of custom mailer boxes with cover  flaps and lock

Cover Flaps and Lock

The box has a lock tab for easy opening and sealing. It's made of corrugated cardboard, has dust flaps, and is customizable.

Mockup of custom mailer boxes with ear lock

With Ear Lock

The mailer box has rollover and ear tab closures on both sides, but no dust flaps. When closed, the cover tucks behind the front side of the box.

Mockup of custom printing corrugated mailer box with ear lock and buckles

With Ear Lock & Buckle

The box has a cherry-lock mechanism and a tap lock for double security.

Mockup of custom mail boxes with lock bottom

With Bottom Lock

This type has convex and concave flaps that interlock to form an extra bottom for maximal protection.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated mailer boxes with dust flaps

With Dust Flaps

Box with lid & dust flaps, no adhesive needed. Commonly used for pizza boxes.

Mockup of cutom corrugated cardboard mailer boxes with ear lock and dust flaps

With Ear Lock and Dust Flaps

The box has one-side rollover, ear locks (cherry locks), and dust flaps on both sides.

Product Packaging

Custom product packaging, also known as custom folding boxes, are primarily used for packing individual products. These boxes are mostly made of premium paper board, also can be corrugated for loading fragile or heavier products.

Mockup of custom straight tuck end product packaging

Straight Tuck End Box

The box features tuck ends on both the top and bottom, making it convenient to insert the product from either side, simplifying the packaging process.

Mockup of custom reverse tuck end product packaging

Reverse Tuck End Box

The box has tuck ends on top and bottom, except on reverse ends. Popular choice among brands.

Mockup of custom printed paper snap lock bottom product packaging

Snap Lock Bottom Box

The box features a tuck top and bottom that can be folded and locked. It is suitable for heavier products.

Mockup of custom Auto Lock Bottom prodcut packaging

Auto Lock Bottom Box

The box features a tuck top and a bottom that can be folded and locked automatically when popped up. It is suitable for heavier products.

Display Boxes

Use cardboard display boxes to present your products and grab the attention of your customers - whether on your own store's shelf, at a pop-up event, or at a retailer's. Custom printed display box packaging is perfect for packaging lightweight products such as nutrition bars, candy, lip balms, and more.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated cardboard display boxes with dust flaps

With dust flaps

The counter top cardboard display box features two side dust flaps and can be easily folded by hand.

Mockup of custom printed display boxes without dust flaps on both sides

Without dust flaps

The counter display box features perforations at the top for easy removal of the dust flaps. The boxes can be assembled quickly by hand.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated display boxes with beveled sides

With bevel sides

The box has unique beveled sides that offer a more comprehensive display viewpoint, making it more eye-catching and attractive, which can help increase sales.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated display boxes with tucks side

With side tucks

Display box which with side tucks is versatile. It can be easily folded up by hand to become a counter display.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping is more than getting your products from point A to point B. It’s an opportunity to increase brand awareness while elevating the customer experience. The sky’s the limit for design and messaging.

Mockup of custom printed corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, regular slotted carton style

Regular Slotted Carton

The most common box style for shipping due to cost-effective and easy loading.

Secure Mailer Boxes

Securing boxes just became simple. This line includes a built-in adhesive seal and tear strip for quick opening. Try our returnable option with a secondary tape strip for easy send-backs. Forget the tape. You won’t need it!

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard secure mailer boxes


This box has a permanent closure strip, a built-in tear strip, and a customizable description board for a unique unboxing experience.

Mockup of custom printed returnable secure mailer boxes


The box has two adhesives and a tear strip for easy access. The lower adhesive seals the box before the first shipment, and the upper adhesive allows the recipient to seal it again for return.

Stickers & labels

Make your own stickers or labels add extra flair to anything you think of.

Die cut stickers, labels.

Custom Die Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are a type of self-adhesive label cut into a specific shape or design using a die, a specialized tool.

Mockup of custom printed sticker sheets

Custom Sticker Sheets

A sheet of uniformly spaced custom printed labels for easy storage.

Mockup of custom kiss cut stickers

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers

kiss-cut stickers are only partially cut during die processing, leaving the backing paper intact that ensures the stickers don't fold around the edges.

Packaging Box Sleeves

Custom sleeves offer a smart solution to elevate the unboxing experience of your clients. Whether you're wrapping packaging sleeves around unprinted boxes or individual products, you'll be able to add an extra value to your brand without breaking the bank.

Mockup of custom flat style packaging sleeves

Flat-style Packaging Sleeves

A flat packaging sleeve is a printed sheet made of paperboard or corrugated cardboard without an adhesive strip, providing flexibility in wrapping and sealing products.

Mockup of custom with-adhesive-strip style packaging sleeves

With-adhesive-strip Packaging Sleeves

Make sealing boxes easier with adhesive strip sleeves that fit various products.

Mockup of custom pre-glued packaging sleeves

Pre-glued Packaging Sleeves

Pre-glued packaging sleeves are perfect sliding over custom boxes or wrapping individual items such as containers. Perfect for same sized products.

tab lock box sleeve

Packaging Sleeves with Tab Lock

This box sleeve features a tab lock mechanism, allowing easy sealing and opening without leaving any residue on the product.

custom packaging sleeves with window

Box sleeves with a side window

This box sleeve has a side window that showcases the product and helps customers make informed buying decisions. It's an excellent option for businesses looking for visually appealing packaging solutions.

Box Dividers

Box dividers, also known as box partitions, are primarily used to create compartments in your packaging to separate and store multiple products in one box. Box partitions can be corrugated for extra protection of fragile products during transit, or made with lightweight paperboard for smaller items. Box dividers can be fully customized and are perfect for organizing your products inside your packaging. Whether you're looking to separate lightweight products such as cookies or fragile items such as glass bottles, we've got just the solution.

Mockup of folding box dividers

Folding Box Dividers

This type of divider is made from single or multiple pieces of paper or corrugated material that are folded along scored lines and inserted into a box container, creating compartments of varying sizes.

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard crossing box dividers

Crossing Box Dividers

Using paperboard or cardboard pieces interlocked to form equal-sized or different-sized multiple rectangle compartments in a box container.

Packaging Inserts

Custom box inserts, also known as packaging inserts or packaging inlays, are used to ensure your products are secure inside your box. These can come in the form of paper inserts, cardboard inserts. Other than product protection, custom inserts allow you to present your products beautifully during the unboxing experience. If you have multiple items in one box, packaging inserts are a great way to position each product just the way you'd like. What's better is that you can fully customize each box insert with your branding!

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard packaging inserts without inserts

without Backing

These inserts work best for products that can sit at the box's base and are of the same size.

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard packaging inserts with backing

with Backing

Elevate same/similar sized products to prevent falling through insert.

Mockup of custom corrugated cardboard packaging inserts with multiple backings

with Multiple Backings

Each backing is customized to the product size to prevent falling.