Stickers and Labels

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Labels are an essential part of a product as they serve multiple purposes. They provide crucial information about the product and stick to the required surface even in harsh conditions. Additionally, the quality of the label material and the print quality leave a lasting impression on the customers both visually and tactilely.

At CEF Box, we understand the importance of a perfect label and manufacture them according to your specific needs and preferences. We offer top-notch stickers available in four different types: die-cutting stickers, kiss-cut stickers, sheet stickers, and roll stickers to cater to your various application scenarios.

  • Multiple material options available
  • Multiple finishing options available
  • Sizes customizable
  • Shape customizable
7 days express productionIn your desired sizes and shapesNo minimum quantity required
 die cut stickers with hot stamping
 box sealed by stickers
 die cutting transprent stickers
 glass bottle sticked transprent sticker
 stick sticker anywhere
 seasonal offerings stickers
 individual kiss cut sticker
 stickers application of gifts
 stickers sealing packaging
 roll stickers
 sticker sheet printed on silver papercard
 kraft sticker
 sheet stickers with matte finish
 roll sticker with gold stamping
 roll stickers labels
 kiss cut sticker sheet
 sticker sheets

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