Package Dividers

Small extra money, big effectiveness of elevating unboxing experience to a high level.

Packaging dividers, also known as packaging partitions, are used to separate the interior space of a shipping box into sections for secure transportation of fragile items. These dividers are designed to withstand considerable force, protecting your products from vibrations and harsh conditions during transit.

At CEF Box, we provide custom corrugated box partitions and structural designs that cater to your specific packaging needs. Our corrugated box partitions are designed to effectively address your packaging challenges and ensure the secure delivery of your products. The optimized structure and availability of multiple durable material options make us the go-to place for those looking for a perfect solution to address the safety challenges posed by long-haul transit.

  • Recyclable materials
  • Better cushioning properties
  • Customizable sizes
  • Aesthetic appeal
At least 95% recyclableCustomizable sizes10 days express production
 corrugated cardboard packaging dividers
 kraft corrugated dividers applied to mailer box
 folding dividers
 folding plain kraft packaging dividers
 dividers seperate space efficiently
 dividers show
 plain kraft corrugated dividers used in mailer box
 paperboard mailer box with printed dividers
 packaging dividers
 plain packaging dividers divide vegetables away from each other
 printed dividers used in a gift box
 printed paperboard packaging dividers

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