Custom Tray and Sleeve Box

Looking for a top-notch packaging solution that's both fancy and flexible? Look no further than the tray and sleeve box, also known as a drawer box. This packaging consists of a sturdy tray that provides support and a perfectly fitting sleeve that slides over the tray, creating a secure and stylish cover for your products.

These boxes are highly customizable, allowing for separate sections to hold various layers or ingredients, making them perfect for items with unique packaging needs.

With its fancy and protective design, this type of packaging is a hit in the world of luxury items, electronics, and high-end retail products. Not only does it make products look good, but it also ensures they stay safe and secure.

  • Full-surface printable
  • Recyclable material
  • Multiple finish options available
  • No minimum order required
SBS / Kraft / Corrugation8 days Express ProductionBoth sides printable
 sleeve box example 01
 sleeve box example 02 01
 sleeve box example 03 01
 sleeve box example 04 01
 sleeve box example 05 01
 sleeve box example 06 01
 sleeve box example 07 01
 sleeve box example 08 01
 sleeve box example 09 01 01
 sleeve box example 10 01
 sleeve box example 11 01
 sleeve box example 12 01
 sleeve box example 13 01

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You can have your sizes under following dimensions:
L: 3”-25” W:2”-25” H: 1”-15”
The length must be from 3 inches to 25 inches
The width must be from 2 inches to 25 inches
The depth must be from 1 inch to 15 inches
What does "L/W/D" mean?
Production Time 18-20 workdays


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